Do I have to be fit to start kendo?
– A moderate level of fitness will help but is not essential. You do need to be in good health and as with
any exercise program you will need consent from you doctor if you have any serious health issues.

Do I need previous martial arts or swordsmanship experience?
– No. Full training, from beginner to advanced, is provided by every club.

At what age can my child start kendo?
– IBKD is open to ages 8 years and older

Am I too old to start kendo?
– No. Anyone can learn kendo at any age. Younger people will generally have the benefit of better mobility
and fitness.

What do I wear to a practice session?
– Comfortable tracksuit pants and a t-shirt, that allow for freedom of movement. Preferably not shorts or

Are special shoes worn for training?
– No. Training is done barefoot on a sprung wooden floor. Shoes are not permitted on the training floor.

Do I need to buy any equipment?
– The only equipment needed is the first few months is a Shinai (Flexible bamboo training sword).

May I purchase my own shinai?
– Yes. Speak to Michael who will advise you.

Will I get to fight with a sharp sword?
– No, it would be too dangerous. For safety reason, all kendo ‘contact fighting’ is done with the bamboo
practice sword.

What equipment will I need if to buy and how much will it cost?
– Once you have decided to sign up as a member of a club and committed to further training, then the
following equipment would be needed:
o Shinai (Flexible bamboo sword)
o Bokuto (Wooden Sword)
o Hakama & Gi (Official training uniform)
o Bogu (Set of protective armour)